Our Artistic Vision

More than parties, caipirinha and beaches (well, that also)

Value on poetry, creativity, idealism and a full “joie-de-vivre” attitude is always in the highest tone possible when one speaks about Brazil and Brazilian artistic output.  The seminal underground dance music scene of São Paulo in the early 90’s – where Lunatic Jazz partners founded their roots – was no different, and is perhaps one of the reasons why Brazil has been already for sometime now where 9 out of 10 DJs want to gig and on top of many investor’s agenda in the entertainment industry.

Regretfully as it may be, Brazil has been dragging more attention as a fast-music-consumer rather than an important artistic hub capable to provide the world with ingenuous creations. A concept that we feel has been underrated over the years.

We  in Lunatic Jazz release music from all over the world while providing our artists – regardless of their nationality – with the services of a professional, world-class record label and publisher, relentlessly looking and engaging in new business and technology platforms. It  is however not enough to be commercially efficient:  it has to bring up “that” special knob capable to please generations of listeners and enthusiasts, something a true loonie know how to find.

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Lunatic Jazz is a member of Brazilian Performance Rights Organization ABRAMUS

more attention is dragged on Brazil
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