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Lunatic Jazz is a Brazilian music label, publishing and licensing company,  founded in 2007 and formed by DJs, producers, party-animals and responsible law abiding citizens Jota Wagner and Bruno Camargo aka Carbon23 .

While both enjoy a 20+ year relation with the alternative music scenario in their home country, Brazil, they also have been intensively traveling, networking and collecting sunrises in raves in the early ‘90s, carrying of loudspeakers in their backs, histories of successful and not so successful parties, many bucks lost but many friends made, while assembling a respectful and ever growing music knowledge alongside massive doses of chocolate milk.

General Inquiries:

Jota Wagner

You will find Jota Wagner´s name involved in several important chapters of São Paulo underground dance music development since 1995, when the first warehouse-inspired parties arrived in town. Was the hands-on, DIY behavior that helped Jota to be always working towards a establishment of São Paulo underground scene, what includes his house music event  “Colors” now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Now redesigned as Colors Sound System, a DJ & Production duo, it figures as one of top  club D-Edge  resident artists with releases on respected labels Conya, Candy Dealers, Blunted Funk, Headtunes, Lovemonk and, of course, Lunatic Jazz.

Jota spends his time in between gigs around Brazil and Europe, studio works and managing the A&R of  Lunatic Jazz.

Contact Jota for:

  1. A&R inquiries
  2. Future releases agenda
  3. Distribution, Marketing


Bruno Camargo aka Carbon23

Born and raised in São Paulo, spinning records since the 80’s, law graduate since 1998, jazz guitarist since 1999, tweaking DAWs since 2001 and changing diapers since 2006, Bruno is better described as a polymath contributing throughout the years in a multitude of  initiatives  in Brasil and beyond as DJ Carbon23, musical producer, events organizer and writing articles for some magazines and websites all over the world.  His contributions and interests go well over the electronic music sphere and is an aficionado of all forms of modern artistic expressions, with a particular dedication to the freshness of beat generation, mind-wobbling be-bop jazz, early 60’s psychedelia and all things analog.

Bruno is based in the Netherlands and besides a busy agenda as a dad and lawyer, is relentlessly active and passionate to his studio and vintage synths and in charge for the business development of Lunatic Jazz.

Contact Bruno for:

  1. Business opportunities
  2. Legal, licensing and copyright
  3. Offers of partnerships, solutions, platforms


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