Our House! 3 years of Lunatic Jazz

Our House

That´s 3 years since we arrived from  Moon.

And we´re going  to celebrate it hard with Lunatic Jazz first compilation, called “Our House”.

Our House brings to you 14 tracks that shows what have we talking about when we say loonie music.  Compilation comes in two versions, mixed and unmixed,  with tunes from Asad Rizvi, Anhanguera, Mike Frugaletti, Sound Diggers, Colors Sound System and many more.

Avaible TODAY in your favourite store!! Enjoy!


01.I´m a Man – Funky Transport & Giles Walker
02.Acid Resolution – Jota Wagner
03.Jazzmin (Kid Cult Remix) – Marko Vilches
04.The Asparagus Monologue – Asad Rizvi
05.Love You Baby – C-Soul
06.Flut (The Sound Diggers Remix) – Rafael Accorsi
07.That Jamba – Joe Silva
08.Little Big Horn – Gabriel Black
09.Disco, Dub and Delicious – Anhanguera
10.Understandable – Mike Frugaletti
11.Brutality – Prztz vs Honey Clawns
12.We Are One (Piano & Bass Version) – Colors Sound System
13.Assault – Jota Wagner
14.The Walk (Jarle Brethan Remix) – Pistolpuma & Ivaylo

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