Colors Sound System – Director´s Cut EP

Sao Paulo scene staple Colors Sound System is quickly evolving from a floor-rocking DJ duo to a more eclectic, risk-taking production team. Comprised of brothers Jota Wagner and Captain Wander, their tracks not only transmit house music feelings but include doses of funk, indie-rock, and Brazillian rhythms. They refer to themselves as “weird house music composers” as their tracks often veer off into psychedelic, swerving directions. This third release from Colors Sound System on their own Lunatic Jazz label, titled Director’s Cut EP, is no exception. 

Two original tracks are present, backed by a corresponding pair of wild remixes. “Road Movement” goes the somewhat Balearic route, featuring organic elements, trippy but melodic guitar work, and high doses of “Brazilians’ confused sense of urban beats” (their words). San Francisco beat burglars Anthony Mansfield and Sneak-E Pete (collectively known as Corsican Brothers) provide the remix, sounding like a bass-heavy stroll through darkened city streets. Equal parts slinky and sleazy, this mid-tempo groove fiend switches unexpectedly from a breakbeat bop to a four-on-the-floor cruise.

The B-side cut, “Steampunk Salvador,” introduces seven minutes of scratchy guitar, swirling hints of surreal sound, and a bit of sixties “Tropicália” feel. Exotic percussion and rhythmic bass hits drive the cut as its strange melodies drift in and out like some dance floor dream. Orlando’s Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe / Plimsoll Records) continues his rising trajectory with a flavorful remix that capitalizes on the original’s tasty percussion by adding heavy broken beats and an infectious latin vibe. The bass is booming here, signaling a hipster conga line to form around the edges of the nightclub.

Release Date: March 19, 2012



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