You can get first the new Lunatic Jazz EP - Director´s Cut from Colors Sound System, including remixes from Anthony Mansfield & Sneak-E Pete (Corsican Brothers) and Stereo 77.

Be the first to listen to new LJ024 - Director´s Cut by Colors Sound System (with remixes by Anthony Mansfield & Sneak E Pete and Stereo 77

Listen first here on Lunatic Jazz website the new EP, to be released in may!!

Loonie artist Joe Silva releasing the awesome double album "Departures"

Lunatic Jazz compilation featured at most important Brazil´s newspapers

Journalist Thiago Freitas delivered a well done review but our recent compilation, Our House (avaible at stores from dec. 15th) including an small interview and clip reviews

A taste of the dancefloor in one of the world's hottest clubs

Jota Wagner presents an special 30 minutes mix only with loonie tunes!

Lunatic Jazz proudly presents its 3rd year anniversary compilation: a selection of our best mind-wobbling-booty-shaking releases, plus a unreleasead track and a bonux mix!

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